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Author of
The Elektros Saga

Seven novels of  irresistible
chaos in Ancient Hellas

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Book 6

Enemy of Athens


Themistocles, the Hero of Salamis, is now a wanted criminal and must flee Athens--and Elektros has no choice but to go with him. They travel from town to town, trusting no one, suspecting everyone, one step ahead of a thousand drunken fools and bounty hunters--and end up in the last place they'd ever expect to go.

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Book 5

Gods & Whores

After a falling-out with Themistocles, Elektros finds himself leading a small squad of special ops horsemen whose mission is to harass the Thebans and sabotage their supply lines. His new commander, the Spartan Pausanias, is a brilliant infantry commander but seems to prefer glorious death over ultimate victory.

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Book 4

Await Not in Silence

Elektros returns to Athens and soon understands what most people do not: the Great King will invade again,  with the largest army in human history, accompanied by a huge war fleet. As Themistocles tries convince the Athenians that they too must have a war fleet, Elektros closely witnesses the raucous and sometimes lethal world of Athenian politics.

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Book 3

Goddess of Mercy

Elektros & Kandra are murder suspects and must leave Halicarnassus before sunup, but where can they go where they won't be followed? There is one place, Scythia, the Wild Lands, where Elektros has relatives he's never met. Their guide  Drako  knows the way but has a terrible secret of his own.

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Book 2

The Owl & the Wolf

The island farm-boy Elektros goes to Athens to complete his military training. A natural soldier, he is heroic before the Battle of Marathon, but even this does not make him acceptably Hellenic to some powerful Athenians.

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Book 1


The Great King wants revenge, his army is coming, and all Hellas knows it. Elektros, born a slave on a small Aegean island, is half Scythian and an uncannily natural warrior. He gets trained by the legendary—and legendarily cruel—swordsman Xenocrates. and learns of love and loss, joy and death, as he begins to carve out a legend of his own.

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Transparent Texture


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Name an odd job and chances are Marcellus Durrell has done it. He has been a welder, chicken catcher, fruit picker, steelworker, warehouse loader, auto assembly-line worker, movie theatre janitor, junkyard labourer, musician, free-lance writer, cab driver, office clerk, art gallery security guard, postal worker and more. At one time, he refused to work for any company that would have him as an employee, although he later revised this policy because it was detrimental to his longstanding desire to live indoors. He is a recently retired librarian--a notably non-odd job & the best he ever had--and lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with his wife and their alarmingly spoiled cats.

With the publication of The Great King's CurseThe Elektros Saga is complete. All seven titles in the series are available from Amazon in both print and ebook formats. Julia Infinitus is his ninth novel.


Marcellus Durrell: bumps and bruises along the way

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